Sports Injuries

These can be any injury that you sustain while competing at any level. Whether you play a team sport, run the bay, go to the gym, or simply walking.

The important thing is that the sooner you get an accurate diagnoses and treatment is commenced, the quicker you will get back to the activities you enjoy, painfree.

Spinal Injuries

These are common injuries that originate from the spine.

You may feel all or some of the following symptoms: Back pain, pain that travels down your arms or legs, numbness (reduced sensation, or pins & needles (tingling sensation).

Peripheral Injuries

These are injuries/aches/pains in the arms and/or legs. You many notice these types of injuries at any time.

You many feel a sudden pain or even hear a snap/pop/click, you may just wake up one morning feeling sore. They may be the result of an injury to a muscle, ligament, tendon, joint, or bone.

Pilates Classes

Group and One on One Sessions

  • Pilates classes run for one hour and are suitable for all ages and designed for beginner to advanced participants
  • The focus of the class is to strengthen your core muscles (pelvic floor, transversus abdominis, diaphragm, and multifidus)
  • Our instructor has a physio background and tailors the class to meet your needs and goals
  • We aim to educate you in correct posture, movement, and muscle recruitment for use in sport, fitness, training, or just everyday life.

Fracture Clinic

Fiberglass/plaster Casting & Splinting Service

  • We apply and remove casts.
  • Fiberglass casting is the most desirable type of cast for anyone who has a fracture. Fiberglass is lighter than plaster and can also get wet.
  • Splinting is a thermoplastic material designed to be heated and moulded to any desired shape. It is used to support a joint, while a ligament is recovering. This type of splint can be removed and reapplied as often as required.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Reduction of swelling and muscle strengthening
  • Orthopaedic-approved graduated rehabilitation program
  • Graduated return to work/sport programs

Ergonomic Assessments

Clinic, Home or Workplace

Assessments of a workstation to educate and suggest appropriate ergonomic aids to reduce the likelihood of headaches, back, neck, or shoulder pain.

Work Conditioning Programs

Work Related Strength & Conditioning

  • Programs individually designed to improve muscular strength and endurance in order to reduce the risk of injury or further injury to the worker
  • We also design Prehabilitation programs for employers or companies wishing to reduce their employees risk of injury
  • Prehabilation programs are prepared after a site assessment to determine the exact requirements of the workforce
  • This type of program is suited for all work environments, though is especially useful for warehouse and production companies

CranioSacral Therapy

Gentle Release of the Soft Tissue & Fasciae connections

  • CranioSacral therapy is a system of evaluation and treatment of a patient using gentle and non-invasive mobilisation techniques.
  • CranialSacral Therapy can be affective in treating headaches and releasing tight fasciae structures.


Dr Bernadette Bywater & Associates

Dr Bernadette Bywater and Associates provides counselling for adults in the inner west of Sydney.

The Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists at Dr Bernadette Bywater and Associates are dedicated to providing supportive and effective therapy based on recent scientific research and an individual assessment of strengths and needs. They offer treatment for a wide range of adult issues including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and weight loss.

Ante/Post Natal Classes

Classes for Mums and Mums to Be

A one on one or small group education session. Focusing on pre and postpartum health for mothers, its aim is to educate mothers of any age about restoring form and function after pregnancy.

• These classes will incorporate the use of Real Time Ultrasound to reaffirm understanding of what muscles are important and how to best contact them.

• Assessment of the degree of diastases (abdominal separation)

• The goal of the program is to restore form and function after pregnancy

• Providing confidence to resume pre pregnancy activities.

Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS)

Non invasive imaging technique

Real time ultrasound (RTUS) is a non invasive imaging technique used to help patients correctly train their core and pelvic floor muscles.

  • Training of core muscles can be complex. Real time ultrasound (RTUS) is an imaging technique that physiotherapist can use to help patients correctly train their core muscles.
  • In the same way that RTUS produces an image of a baby in the womb, an image is produced on a screen of the muscles being examined.
  • The physiotherapist can then show the patient on the screen when they are working the correct muscle, therefore making training of the core muscles straightforward.
  • RTUS is helpful in the training of the pelvic floor muscles for patients following pregnancy or others with continence concerns and in the rehabilitation of low back pain.

Sports Medicine Australia – NSW Branch


Australian Physiotherapy Association

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