Dominic Ong

Dominic has been a physiotherapist with us at Five Dock Physio since 2015. He is also our in-house Pilates Instructor!

He holds both a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (UNSW) and a Master of Physiotherapy (USYD) which allows him to deal with a broader demographic and numerous conditions. During his time practising under the watchful eye of Jason (Our principal physiotherapist), Dominic has worked alongside:

  • Canada Bay Cannons, treating and minimizing soft tissue injuries
  • Physios, OTs & Hand Specialists at Bankstown Physiotherapy
  • Physios & Exercise Physiologists at Neuromoves (Spinal Cord Injury clinic)
  • Doctors, Surgeons & Nurses at Prince of Wales Hospital (ICU)

Dominic believes in a global approach to treating clients as opposed to symptom managing or localised treatment. Prioritising the source of injury and dealing with the issue once and for all, rather than treating the condition in a way in which it may easily recur (as we all have experienced to some extent!)

He integrates various techniques and methods of treatment to assess, identify and treat any injury or condition presented in the clinic to facilitate: 

  • the most effective path to recovery
  • a highly sustainable mode of self-management


Performance & Theatre, Circus, Film, Cooking, Strength & Conditioning, Listening!

For those who know Dom and his unique character, he can usually be found stretching or juggling around the clinic whilst sharing his knowledge on human movement, or his ever-growing love of food (Which is shared by all members of the clinic, staff or client!)